Thu Crosley


No sport in the world is as varied, beautiful, adventurous and social as climbing. I have been climbing for 20 years all over the world doing sport, trad and bouldering. In 2012 after being primarily an outdoor climber I decided to moonlight in competition climbing. I did the national bouldering circuit and finished on the podium at open lead nationals and was a finalist in open bouldering nationals which enabled me to compete for Team Canada in an IFSC Lead World Cup in Chamonix, France. I work as a Registered Nurse, am married to an inspiring climber and have two young energetic boys but we still continue to climb outside as much as we can and train all year round. I believe you are as strong as the people and environments that you surround yourself with. I am constantly learning and evolving by climbing different disciplines and styles and observingĀ  people I meet from 50 year old working professional sport climbers, gnarly alpine climbers or 16 year old crusher competition climbers. I hope my vastĀ  experience in movement can help you unlock and refine your own climbing style!