Bolder School Groups

Why Bouldering?

Bouldering is a very accessible form of the sport of climbing, in that all you need is climbing shoes, some chalk and yourself! If you don’t have shoes or chalk no problem, we’ve got you covered with chalk and students can wear their own clean indoor athletic footwear. The sport of bouldering is very physical, requires balance, coordination and problem solving. It’s very community oriented and collaborative which is why  it’s the perfect form of climbing to introduce students to.

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Course Content

We start a one hour class off with a short warm up consisting of off the wall exercises. Once the students are warm we split the class into groups of approximately 10. In those groups we start by running everyone through a fall safety demonstration which will teach the students how to fall safely, where to stand, and how to anticipate a fall. Once the group is educated on safety we rotate the groups through a series of stations where we teach the students technical and physical elements that improve one’s climbing ability. Once all students have run through each station we allow open climbing for the remainder of the hour (usually 10-20 minutes). During this time the instructors follow the group around, helping them climb better and safely.

For returning groups we place extra focus on educating the students on how to climb independently. This includes climbing lingo, etiquette, and more advanced techniques. The goal with returning groups is to have the students self-sufficient enough to return to climbing on their own time and enjoy the experience.

For younger groups we will corner off a section of the wall where we have created easier and shorter climbs. This will allow the students free rein of that area while having plenty of climbing to play on.


School group can book in for the following days and hours:

Tuesday: 1pm-3pm

Thursday: 8am – 3pm

Friday: 8am – 3pm


Prices are based on group size / instructor requirement but are calculated based on:

  • Dollar rate per student (changes based on number of students)
  • $35 per hour instructor (number of intructors changes based on number of students, Ratio is 10 students per instructor)


Athletic Clothing

Climbing Experience

Chalk Bag

Climbing Shoes

Clean athletic footwear