Personal coaching by Pete Woods.

Personal Coaching

Looking for some more guidance in your training?  Our coaches will work with you to get you where you want to be, whether that’s finally sending your long term project, rounding out your climbing skills to be a better all-around climber, or working on specific techniques you can’t seem to unlock on your own!  If you’re interested in some of our other clinics but your schedule isn’t flexible enough to swing it, or maybe you just prefer learning one on one with your coach instead of in a group setting, our personal coaching options would be a great fit for you!

How it Works?

1 | Strength Training Program for Climbing

This is a 6 week strength training program for you to follow independently. To get started you’ll meet with one of our coaches for an assessment where they will evaluate you both on and off the wall to get a good sense of where you’re at in your climbing and overall strength. Your coach will then design a custom training program with sessions planned for either 1, 2, or 3 training days per week, which you will follow on your own schedule. Your coach will be available via email or you can schedule a meeting in person to help you answer any questions along the way. Cost of the programs are $120 for one program per week, $220 for two programs per week, and $300 for three programs per week. Please email to get started today!

*these programs do NOT include one-on-one coaching after initial assessment – this program is designed to get you started with a strength training program that you can execute on your own.

2 | One on One Coaching

Our One on One Coaching is very flexible and can be catered precisely to meet your needs. This style of coaching might look like technique training on the wall, evaluating and improving form for lifting weights, competition preparation, or anything else you need a little more climbing expertise on.

Cost for one on one coaching is $50 / hour for one person. Some additional add ons are:

$15 / hour per additional person
$35 / extra hour (single or household) if you’d like to extend your session

Please email us at if you’re interested in booking a coaching session, and we will ask you a few questions to match you with the best-suited coach to help you reach your goals! We will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible, however we ask that you provide a minimum of 3 days’ notice in advance of the day you would like to train on to ensure coach availability.

3 | Group Training

Got a couple friends who are in the same boat as you looking to improve their climbing? Try out our group training! Group training is best suited if all members are climbing within a similar*ish* grade range, and it’s a great way to make training more fun!  If you’re interesting in setting up a group training session and to get more info of pricing, please email us at 

4 | Coaching Package Deals

Looking to book multiple sessions with a coach? We offer a 10% discount when you book 3 or more sessions at a time for both individual and group training!

Please email us at  to book a package of coaching sessions or to learn more about this option!