• Drop In

  • $ 18 Day Pass
  • Student $16

    Seniors (65+) $16

    Shoe Rental $5

  • Membership

  • $ 62 Per Month
  • Student $57

    Senior (65+) $57

    Family $165

    Couples $115

    12 Month $610

    Additional Family Member $45


    *See Terms & Dues below

  • Membership

  • $ 82 Per Month
  • Student $77

    Senior (65+) $77

    Family $185

    Couple $155

    Additonal Family Member $55

  • 10 Pass

  • $ 160 One time
  • Students $140


    Please note that punches do not expire and are non-transferable

Edge Time Pricing

Come in Monday – Friday!

before noon (12:00pm) or after 9:30 for an $11 drop in + tax.

*Edge Time Pricing not valid on holidays

Reoccurring Membership Terms & Dues

Reoccurring memberships are a monthly dues paying membership.  This membership begins the day you sign up for it, and will continue indefinitely until cancelled.  Membership cancellations require 15 days written notice and are subject to a $60 cancellation fee to be paid in full at the time of cancellation request, this will be waived after one year of membership.  Please ask our front desk staff if you would like to cancel your membership and they will provide the cancellation request form for you.  Annual memberships paid in full and other non-reoccurring memberships are not subject to any cancellation fees.

Monthly dues are to be paid to Bolder Climbing Inc. by electronic funds transfer (EFT) on the 1st of each month.  These payments will automatically process through the credit card provided at the point of sign-up.

Reoccurring memberships can be frozen for $15 per monthper member, with 2 days written notice provided prior to the 1st of the month.  Payment is due on the 1st of the month just as the monthly dues would be.  If you wish to freeze your membership, please ask our front desk staff and they will provide you with the freeze request form.  If you would like to attend the facility during this freeze period or unfreeze your membership,  you will be required to pay a full drop-in fee, or the prorated monthly dues to unfreeze the membership.

Bolder Climbing Inc. reserves the right to increase dues at its discretion with a 60 day written notice.

* Prices subject to change. Taxes not included.