Loic Fujinaga

Loic Fujinaga

I picked up climbing while I was studying engineering at the University of Alberta. They were offering free Wednesday climbing for students, which was perfect for me. I got hooked instantly. I was practically living at the climbing gym, climbing until all my fingers were raw. The climbing community in Edmonton is awesome, and it was always easy to find someone who was willing to make the 4 hour drive to Canmore to go climb outside. That’s where I picked up my passion for outdoor climbing and adventures. Climbing has taken me to some incredible places since I started. I’ve climbed in BC, California, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Spain, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Even still, there are so many more places that I haven’t seen yet. Lately, I have also started entering more competitions. Competitions bring another dynamic to climbing for me. I love the feeling of being able to perform under pressure. Climbing is an integral part of my life now, and I hope it stays that way for a long time.


The Egg – V11
Hydrogenated Oil – V11
Never Ending Story Part 2 – V11

Army Ants – 5.13c

Nirvana – 5.13a/b
Dr. Seuss’ Wild Ride – 5.13a

2018 Alberta Open Championships – 2nd place
2017 Tour de Bloc @ Rock Jungle Boulders – 3rd place

2019 Alberta Climbing Association Open Boulder Champion


October 31, 2018