Kids Summer Camps

Summer Camps

We are very excited to running our kids camps again for the summer of 2019! These interactive and dynamics camps will focus on the basics of climbing and movement, in a fun, supportive and social environment! Climbing is a great sport and the community surrounding it is equally amazing. We at Bolder Climbing Community are excited to share our passion for both

Young Comp Climbers (10 – 16 Years Old)

We at Bolder Climbing Community would like the opportunity to work with your young competition climbers. In this two week camp we will work with your young comp climbers to improve their fundamental competition climbing skills. We will develop a comprehensive, holistic plan to help them improve their climbing skills in time for the competition season. We will run the kids through mock comps, competition preparation, and strength building exercises. This camp is for experienced young climbers who are looking to improve their competition climbing skills.

July 8th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 19th

9 am to noon

Group size:
12 (6:1 kid, instructor ratio)

$250 per kid

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