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Intermediate Bouldering Clinic


Have you found your progress in climbing has stalled out, or that you’re missing skills but don’t know how to acquire them?

Let Bolder experienced coaches help you.

This 4-week clinic will focus on building technique and strength that will help you overcome your plateau and take you from beginner to intermediate. From footwork, body positioning, points of contact, dynamic movements, and sequencing to off the wall conditioning, we’ll cover it. Must be 16+ and have a basic understanding of bouldering (can confidently climb V2).



This clinic is designed for the advanced boulderer. Participants should be able to climb V2/V3 comfortably in the gym and they need to be welcome to receiving direct feedback.

Age Limit

Participants must be 16+



*Does not include drop-in / entrance fee.  Admission fees are included in online pricing at the point of registration.


Tuesday May 2 from 7-9pm

Tuesday May 9 from 7-9pm

Tuesday May 16 from 7-9pm

Tuesday May 23 from 7-9pm


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Please email or call 403-255-9565