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Duration: 6 Weeks
Bolder Climbing will create personalized training programs that are customized to your specific needs, goals and physical limitations. These programs will be designed to improve your climbing through a variety of strength, mental and technical training. These programs are ideal for climbers of all abilities.

Climbing Shoes

Chalk Bag

Athletic Clothing


How it works


First you will come in for a climbing and strength assessment. From this assessment we will determine who is the best coach match for your specific needs.


Your coach will create a program based on your needs, commitment levels, goals, and physical limitations. Your program will be anywhere from one to three days per week.


Work side by side with our coaches during designated coaching times (see schedule) or you’re welcome to follow your program on your own schedule and pace.

04Follow Up

Once you have completed your 6 weeks you will notify your coach one week ahead of time so your coach can create a new program for your next 6 week stint.

Our Coaches

Josh Muller, Bolder Climbing Community, Calgary, Alberta, Bouldering, Indoor Rock Climbing

Josh Muller


As one of the top rock climbers in the country with over 25 years of climbing experience and 10+ years of high ...

Regan Kennedy


Regan is one of the top female climbers in Canada with countless first female ascents in the Bow Valley area ...

Craig Doram Bolder Climbing Community

Craig Doram


Craig is an accomplished climber with over 13 years of experience. He has excelled in a wide variety of sports ...

  • 1 Session / Week

  • $ 120 per 6 weeks
  • Follow your personalized program once a week for six weeks
  • 2 Session / Week

  • $ 200 per 6 weeks
  • Follow your personalized program twice a week for six weeks
  • 3 Session / Week

  • $ 280 per 6 weeks
  • Follow your personalized program three a week for six weeks