View of the main climbing area showing front desk counter with espresso machine, seating area with coffee tables and benches, and storage cubbies. The climbing wall panels vary in colour from a vibrant teal, charcoal grey, black, and white, with black carpeted pads below for a soft landing.

Bolder Climbing Community

Welcome to Bolder Climbing Community

First time climbing? No problem! We've got something to challenge and inspire everyone here, from the brand new beginners to the seasoned vets. Let us know if you're new to climbing or bouldering when you check in and our staff will be happy to give you an orientation around the gym to help get you started. If you are looking for a little bit more guidance to start bouldering, book a complimentary Bold Workshop to give you a full orientation and some technique instruction!

Hours + Location

Monday                9am – 11pm
Tuesday               6am – 11pm
Wednesday        9am – 11pm
Thursday             6am – 11pm
Friday                   9am – 11pm
Saturday             9am – 11pm
Sunday                9am – 11pm


  Builders Park 5508 1st Street SE, Calgary, AB

The Basics

Bolder Climbing Community is a bouldering-only gym in Calgary which means it is super easy to get started; all you need is a pair of climbing shoes, some chalk, and clothes you can move in! Don’t worry if you don’t have your own climbing shoes yet, we have rental shoes available here; please note that we do require everyone to wear climbing shoes for both your safety and enjoyment. Since the walls aren’t very high and there’s a padded landing area under all of the climbing walls there’s no need for a harness, rope, or belayer.

Everyone using the facility will need to fill out a waiver before climbing or working out. Minors are welcome but will need a legal guardian to sign the waiver for them. Save some time when you check in and fill out our waiver online before you come!