Advanced Bouldering Clinic

March 4th - March 25th

Advanced Bouldering Clinic

Have you looked at people climbing hard boulders in the gym, and thought: “why can’t I do that?”?  Well, it’s because you’re not good enough, or strong enough, or maybe you just don’t try hard enough.

Let Bolder coach Pete Woods help you.

Pete has over 20 years of experience in telling people why they aren’t good enough and then making them good enough.  After four solid sessions in our Advanced Clinic Pete will break down your weaknesses, remind you of why you keep falling off and point out the endless ways you need to improve.  You will sweat, you might bleed, and you will definitely cry, but at the end of the clinic, we guarantee that you will be better, so much better.

After all, what’s a few tears shed in the path to greatness.


Wednesday, March 4th

6pm – 9pm

Wednesday, March 11th

6pm – 9pm

Wednesday, March 18th

6pm – 9pm

Wednesday, March 25th

6pm – 9pm



*Drop-in fee is NOT included in clinic cost for non-members


Maximum participants for this clinic is 6. Recommend climbing ability is V4 – V5 and up.

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Bolder Climbing Community, Calgary, Alberta


Pete Woods

Pete has been climbing, competing and training for over 20 years.  Pete brings an overall strength and mobility approach to training from years of working with top conditioning coaches for climbing as well as performance in other sports.  Having coached climbing at all levels from introductory to international athletes, Pete will have a few ideas of how to help you take your climbing to the next level, whatever that level might be. He will also talk to you about his cats