About Us

Bolder Climbing

Be bold. Have fun. Live and love what we do.

For us climbing is more than just a sport, it is our passion. It has become the way we identify ourselves. It has allowed us to travel the world, experience new cultures, and build meaningful friendships. In doing so we have become a part of an amazing community.

We have been apart of this community for the majority of our lives. We have been fortunate to have constant encouragement and support from many who want nothing more than to see us succeed. We’ve reached a point in our lives where want to give back. We want to grow and strengthen our community because we have experienced first hand the opportunity it can create for someone.

Welcome to Calgary’s first bouldering specific climbing facility. Welcome to Bolder Climbing Community.

The Team

Josh Muller, Bolder Climbing Community, Calgary, Alberta, Bouldering, Indoor Rock Climbing

Josh Muller

Owner / Operator

Regan Kennedy

Owner / Operator

Hannah Glockner


Tristan Ploughman

Head Setter